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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from those interested in our Memory Care neighborhood. Read on to find out more about Lawrence Presbyterian Manor. If there’s a question we haven’t answered here, contact us today.

  • How do I know my loved one needs Memory Care?

    Diseases such as Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia are progressive—meaning they grow more pronounced over time. In the earliest stages, it may be difficult to recognize the difference between common forgetfulness and memory loss. We recommend seniors have regular visits with a primary care physician and discuss any concerns they have.

  • When is the right time to move into a Memory Care community?

    If your loved one has a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or another form of dementia, he or she will benefit from placement in a Memory Care neighborhood. Memory Care neighborhoods are specifically designed to support the needs of individuals with memory loss, providing visual cues that will support your loved one in making the transition from home to a senior living community. Memory Care neighborhoods also offer activities in smaller groups and individually that are designed to help a Memory Care resident reconnect with activities they enjoyed earlier in their lives and keep them engaged in the present through participation in those activities. If you are unsure if your loved one is ready for Memory Care, check out this resource from the Alzheimer's Association, Know the 10 Signs of Alzheimer's Disease.

  • Why should I consider moving my loved one in during the early stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia?

    We have found that families are often surprised by how well their loved ones do once they move into the Prairie House. The social engagement and specialty care programs help seniors make the most of their daily lives. Our goal is to help our residents thrive, and we have found that joining a Memory Care neighborhood earlier can help provide the necessary structure and mental stimulation seniors need.

  • What are my loved one’s Memory Care options at Lawrence Presbyterian Manor?

    We offer secure studio and one-bedroom apartments as well as 24/7 supervision from one of our team members.

  • How do your fees work?

    Monthly Memory Care is offered for a flat fee based on apartment type. Contact us to learn more and take the next step in your journey.

  • Do you take Medicaid?

    We only take Medicaid in our Long-term Care neighborhood, depending on availability of our health services.

  • What types of security do you offer?

    Our exterior building doors are locked between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m., and a team member regularly walks the buildings during those hours. The Prairie House is a secured neighborhood 24 hours a day. Local law enforcement drives through campus at night.

  • Do you have tech support?


  • Can couples live in Memory Care together?

    Yes. Couples may live together in Memory Care. A second-person fee applies.

  • Can my loved one go on outings?

    Yes! You have the peace of mind to know that our trained team members can help you determine whether an outing is appropriate for your loved one or not on a given day.

Memory CARE

Find Lawrence Presbyterian Manor Memory Care resources below. To explore additional tools and information, visit our community Resources page.

We understand it’s difficult to decide when your loved one needs additional support due to memory loss and dementia. We are here to answer any question and comfort any fear you may have when making a care decision for your family. Contact us today to discuss more.

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